Making of

It took a long time of experimentation until the first detail and scaled model came to light, which was somehow satisfying.

The whole adventure started with the idea of creating 3D puzzle in foamboard, which moved on to a 3D puzzle in mountboard. But the result, cut out by hand, was not so much beautiful to look at although it was real fun to realize it.

This first model did not have one drop of glue, but it was weak and could break easily. At this point, the step to laser cut was not far and soon the first car, an identic copy of the hand made mountboard car was ready. 

This car had a strong aesthetic relation to the first cars of Ford, and after some research resulted clear the idea to rebuild classic models as they have been in origin. Just not in Die Cast or Plastic, but in Balsa wood.

Many trials with material, sizing of pieces, geometrical forms and technical solutions have been tried out and successfully implemented.

Something like 30 prototypes have been designed and built in order to reach a satisfying result. But still, many new details need to be designed for new models, because the cars have been becoming more challenging and aesthetically appealing by time. Starting by the early models, reaching the late 30ies and early 40ies, the design has become more round. A huge challenge in balsa wood.

Some models, even still prototypes, show immediately their character, like the Ford T Roadster of 1924

Some models are huge, but have interesting finishings ....

See more pictures in some pages of the model itself. At work ....


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